What is Kinsho?

Kenshō (見性) is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition.
It is an initial insight or awakening. It is to be followed by deepening of this insight, and learning to express it in joyful daily life.

is insight perceived in the kitchen and from food experiences

We all have kinsho.

Those flashes of knowing, of gut wisdom, that guide us (when we listen) to food and life choices in alignment with our best selves.

kinsho deepens as we engage more fully with our meals, and ourselves.

Why kinsho?

As a company, kinsho is dedicated to helping you create enlightened eats.

We do this by selling well-designed lunchware and kitchen products because these are the physical tools used to construct meals.

Yet our minds also create our mealtime experiences.

HOW we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat.

So we also provide bite-size, mindfulness tips to help you perceive insights to support your ongoing creation of intentional, tasty food experiences.

Cheers to that!

About the Founder

Heather Sears started kinsho because her increasingly mindless food habits and smart phone addiction had her choking during triple-tasking work lunches and making unhealthy (but fast!) food choices for herself and family.

She found that integrating mindful moments into mealtimes – shopping, prep and eating – helped her stop choking through meals, increase the healthfulness and pleasure of each bite, and even lose weight.

It also deepened her self-knowing as new food preferences emerged and old habits slipped away. (She wrote about this in her award-winning book, Mind to Mouth)

Additionally, Heather started paying attention to the products she used for meal prep and dining, and found that certain designs were more helpful and enjoyable.

Kinsho brings together her love of well-designed products and desire to educate about how mealtime mindfulness can reveal insights that support a deeper connection not just with the food we eat, but with ourselves, family and friends.

Kinsho was founded in Boston’s South End, where Heather lives with her husband, son and cat (the true gourmand & zen master of the household.)

Connect with her at www.heather-sears.com.

About the Book

After fixing her tech-triggered choking during working lunches through mindfulness, kisho’s founder Heather Sears wrote the 3x award-winning book “Mind to Mouth: A Busy Chick’s Guide to Mindful Mealtime Moments.” The book shares her candid journey, research findings and asimple, effective mindfulness approach to enjoy meals—and life—more fully.

As a busy chick who was literally choking through meals…

Heather Sears was determined to find out what had gone so wrong with modern mealtimes. And most importantly, what she could do to make them the nourishing, delicious times they had the potential to be.

After months of exploring her own and other women’s experience, interviewing experts, and diving into scientific research, she found the answer in applying mindfulness to the mealtime journey—from planning to shopping to cooking to eating.

Mind to Mouth will help you:

  • Plan, shop, cook, and eat mindfully
  • Disrupt unhelpful internal narratives
  • Manage external influences and pressures
  • Create mental space and be more fully present
  • Save time, energy, and money

You’ll find insightful data from researchers across neuromarketing and gastrophysics that will help you take ownership of your mealtime experiences.

You’ll learn easy-to-digest mindfulness tips that fit into already-packed schedules. And you’ll see how you really can be both a busy chick and a mindful one at the same time.

Discover what it’s like to truly taste your food and savor a life filled with mindful moments.

Awards for Mind to Mouth:

  • 2017 New England Book Festival: Best “How To” book
  • 2018  Independent Publisher IPPY Awards: Bronze medal, Self Help
  • 2018 Indie Reader IRDA Awards: Best First Book, Non-Fiction

“This is a MUST read for anyone who is longing to love food, cooking, shopping and eating again…pure inspiration that captivates the reader as it blends evidence-based research with an easy to understand how-to approach to being mindful.”

Megrette Fletcher MEd, RD, CD,  Author and co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating


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