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Kenshō (見性) is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition.
It is an initial insight or awakening. It is to be followed by deepening of this insight, and learning to express it in joyful daily life.

is insight perceived in the kitchen and from food experiences

We all have kinsho.

Those flashes of knowing, of gut wisdom, that guide us (when we listen) to food and life choices in alignment with our best selves.

kinsho deepens as we engage more fully with our meals, and ourselves.


Ideal lunchbox for healthy meals at school or work! Secure sealing without breakable clips. Generous size (40 oz) and removable portion divider tray-plate will fit your lunch and snacks. Includes fork and spoon. Eco plastic lunchboxes are microwave, dishwasher and freeze safe. BPA free. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


We can have a lot of mindless habits around food. Mindlessness can come from lack of interest, assumptions that we fully understand something, or not being conscious of an action. Mindfulness is the antidote to such autodrive behavior.

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“I love my bento box! My coworkers commented immediately.”

Lynne C. California

“Great content! You helped me realize that my farmer’s market veggies really do taste better. They are now central to my lunch bowls.”

Brittany D., Illinois

“kinsho is a mindfulness company in the guise of a kitchenware business. Their fun, well-made products and perceptive, actionable content will help evolve our relationship with food, and ourselves.” ”

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