tools for mindful cooking and eating


Kenshō (見性) is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition.
It is an initial insight or awakening. It is to be followed by deepening of this insight, and learning to express it in joyful daily life.

Kinsho Kitchen interprets this as the conscious practice of
creating mindful, joyous cooking and dining moments.

To accomplish this, we believe that
the way one cooks and eats is just as important as the food one chooses.

Founded in Boston’s South End, Kinsho Kitchen is a product development and mindfulness experience company.

We are committed to providing products and content that
deliver happy mealtime moments.

What is mindfulness?

It is purposefully focusing one’s awareness
on the present moment and accepting feelings, thoughts and sensations without judgement.

By being pointedly conscious during meal preparation and consumption one can decrease stress and
increase self-control and enjoyment.

Ease, appreciation and joy bubble up when the mind is clear.
Good mealtimes ahead!


Our products are designed to support mindful mealtimes.

  • Ceramic Mandoline Slicer: simple design for easy, ultra-thin slices.
  • Bento Bowl Lunch Box: happy bento bowl shape for satisfying meals on the go.
  • Mommy Bird Folding Knife: handy ceramic knife for cutting healthy snacks.

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I really love this lunchbowl. It fits everything I need for a healthy lunch and is fun to pull out at lunchtime!

- Debbie T.

What a fun, clever product! I use it while out and about with my toddler so we always have fresh snacks. Love it!

- Ellie W.

Love this bowl! It makes it so much easier to take food to work. No more boring sandwiches and chips for me.

- Lisa N.

The product was perfect for slicing my sweet potatoes and radishes the first day I got it. Fantastic customer service.

- Han L.

“Breathe. Taste. Savour. Smile. ”

~ A Wise Woman

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