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lunch is more than food

Lunch is more than just lunch, and food is more than just food. When our kids sit down to eat, we want them to get the proper nutrition and so much more.

Healthy kids are equipped to take on the world. So when you’re packing up their meal, just remember that you’re setting them up for a better day & life. ❤️ 

 (And this applies to your lunch too 😉) 

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Tips for a Kinsho Bento Mindset


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Researchers are discovering how our minds and foodware impact our eating experience.

  • Did you know food consumed in a bowl is perceived to be more wholesome and fulfilling?
  • Or that creating meals (slicing, prepping, etc) actually increases well-being?

There are research-based insights behind all Kinsho products  and content!


We can have a lot of mindless habits around food. Mindlessness can come from lack of interest, assumptions that we fully understand something, or not being conscious of an action. This makes us miss out on flavor, enjoyment and helpful insights. Mindfulness is the antidote to such autodrive behavior.

kinsho is insight perceived in the kitchen and from food experiences.

It is an amalgam of the words “kenshō” (a Japanese term from the Zen tradition meaning initial insight or awakening) and “kitchen.”

We all have kinsho.

Those flashes of knowing, of gut wisdom, that guide us (when we listen) to food and life choices in alignment with our best selves.

kinsho deepens as we engage more fully with our meals, and ourselves.

Kinsho products and content will help you experience more flavor,

ease and awareness for enlightened eats!

Want some kinsho?

Enlightened eats is about engaging with your attention and senses and deepening your connection to your food and yourself.

But we get so hungry!

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“I love my bento bowl! My coworkers commented it was the coolest lunchbox ever.”

Lynne C. California

“Great content! You helped me realize that my farmer’s market veggies really do taste better. They are now central to my lunch bowls.”

Brittany D., Illinois

“Kinsho is an innovative, enlightened partner for today’s eaters. Their fun, well-made products and perceptive, actionable content will help evolve our relationship with food, and ourselves.”

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